March 25, 2002's challenge
March 25, 2002's challenge
Please place any ideas about all this at the thread I started, or email me here.  Thanks!
Today I discovered that the evaporative fuel collection system is disconnected!  No wonder the trunk smells like gas...
Here is what I believe to be the "separation tank" (as described in Haynes p104).  Note the broken-off connections on both sides.
Here is the floor of the trunk, showing a hole near the filler tube.  There is nothing but the top of the fuel tank visible.  Should the vapor line be coming out of here, or somewhere else?
Here is the right side of the trunk (boot).  Note the old chunk of rubber tubing, which once connected the separation tank to the metal tubing.  The circle shows where the separation tank was mounted, behind the diagonal bracing.
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