A word about Copyrights

I believe that the original copyright for of all the pamphlets in my collection have expired.  The publishers of these manuals have mostly gone out of business.  Copyrights for books printed in the '60s and '70s lasted for 28 years, and they are all more than 28 years old.  I have checked each one of them at this page, which searches for copyright renewals after 1978, and have found nothing to indicate that any of the copyrights have been renewed.  Therefore it would seem acceptable to reproduce the booklets here, for the sole purpose of enhancing the hobby of owning and maintaining vintage MGs.

If any of the copyrights for any of the manuals found here are still in effect, then the copyrights are the property of their respective owners.  The information is provided here for the purpose of personal enjoyment only, in the hope that it helps interested enthusiasts to keep as many as possible of the remaining MG Midgets and AH Sprites, MGBs and MGAs  in good and working order.  Commercial exploitation is forbidden.

Here are some other sites that go into the topic of copyrights....
When works pass into the public domain
How to find out if a copyright was renewed

and if all that is not enough...

This multimedia on this website is placed for educational/comment use only under the "Fair Use Law" (17 U.S.C. 107 (1988 & Supp. IV 1993). Section 107)
The work remains under it's original copyrights and may not be sold or used to gather income without
that original owner's written permission.  This is not to be considered an official endorsement of this product/service.

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