The Mystery Switch
5 points to the person who can identify the original function of this switch.  It is on the left side of the steering column.  The previous owner informs me that it was used to operate my (now-disconnected) fog lights.  However I can't say that that was it's original purpose.

I have received several emails regarding the possible uses and functions of this switch, but none to date seem authoritative... 
- The cowl must be from an MGB
- it is the on/off switch for the panel lights, fitted to North American spec MGBs from 68 to 70
- It's for the city horn / country horn (???)
- Mine doesn't do anything either
- I have a blanking plate in that spot.
I even corresponded with a retired Midget assembly line worker in Britain, who did not recall the switch at all!   (Maybe this backs up the "MGB cowl" theory)

Please feel free to email me and let me know your thoughts on this ...