Repairing the Odometer on a 1978 or 1979 MG Midget

A year or more ago, the odometer on my Midget "just stopped".  Not being too much of a stickler about such things,
I let it go until very recently, when I decided that it would actually be nice to know how far I've been driving. 
So, figuring I had nothing to lose, I took the speedometer out, opened it up, turned it over and...

  ... here are the parts that tumbled out of the housing:


Please note that the plastic parts shown here are apparently only on "late model" Midgets.  Prior to this metal parts were used - go figure.
Thanks to some photos emailed to me by David R from the Spridget group
(more about the group here), I got a sense as to where these bits belong.
 Here is where they go (except for the 1/16" washer - no idea on that one)

Note that both the white plastic part and the metal retainer clip sit on a a post
that is connected to the white gear opposite these parts.  See the picture below.
Push and hold in Gear (A) to reveal post (B) as you attach both of these parts.

Note that as you press the metal clip onto the post, if you are not careful it can go springing out of your grip and head for a dark corner somewhere.

I have found that there are two styles of the metal retaining clip.
The picture below show both styles.  The clip with the two circular holes, shown on top,
is the one I originally had.  The clip on the bottom came from a donor speedo and the hole
is (to me) a preferable shape, with a straight section to better hold it under the post (B).
How the designers of the odometer expected the style above to stay on, I do not know!

Afer I popped the clip and the plastic lever on, I reinstalled the speedo and I finally got to resume tracking how far I am driving!
Hopefully your "fix" will be as straightforward as mine was.

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