Manuals and Booklets

Here are some out-of-print manuals and booklets by British Leyland, Lucas and other long-gone folks.
Many of these were scanned in or loaned to me by Ian in New Zealand, Len in South Africa, Richard in England, and Larry and Alec in the USA.

The manuals here are in the form of fairly large .pdf files.   To download a booklet, right-click on it, select SAVE TARGET AS..., and save it to your computer. I highly recommend that you save the book you want to your computer, then open it from there.  If you "just click on it" here, you can display it in your browser but not save it, and you'll have to download it once again if you want to save it for future reading and printing.

Remember, download the file you want first, then open it from your PC.  
You will need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read and print them. 

Larry Miller's


(ok, it's not a downloadable booklet, but a comprehensive online parts manual for the bugeye - extraordinary!)

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